The Thing That Scares You the Most- Run Towards It!

As I awoke this morning, turned on my computer for my daily dose of news, I caught a recap of last night's Dancing With The Stars.  I watch the show from time to time and always marvel at what bravery it must take to compete as a novice dancer in front of the world!  

I have always danced to my own beat, so I can't imagine being coached in a two-step and then judged on my efforts.  Oh, trying to keep the time in my head, worrying about how I look, fighting past the pain, and how I would be perceived would be too much for these sugar shoes.  I still recall how embarrassed I felt for Kirstie Alley when a few years ago on the show, her partner dropped her. Tabloids had great coverage exposing her weight, and News stations re-played it over and again, but Kirstie held her head high and danced right into the finals.  Although she took second place, which was a huge feat, she emerged several pounds lighter, and at 60 years old, proved she is one hot menopausebarbee!

I commend all the dancers on Dancing with The Stars and anyone in life who faces the fear and forges ahead.
Sherri Shepherd said it best last night during her tearful elimination.  I thought this was a good reminder for us all.  So today, I challenge you to face one thing that scares you the most and run towards it!  As I write this, it just dawned on me, remove the E from FEAR and you get the word FAR. Go for it!



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